Surprise Eggs Doll House Toys

Enjoy this best & unique surprise eggs games for girls with your favorite dollhouse glam gifts. Open kinder Surprise eggs to reveal toys for the empty doll house. Decorate your doll house with the toys reveled by the surprise eggs. Complete your doll house decoration in this new and unique surprise eggs game for kids and show it your friends. First of all pick a doll surprise eggs from 100's of amazing designed kinder surprise eggs, unwrap surprise eggs toys for kids and complete the numerous collectable gifts for your fashion Doll Home update doll house with lovely gifts including princesses, room decoration tables, chairs baby carts, drawers, dolls and much more. Fill each room of doll house with unique girls craft decorations revealed by unwrapping surprise eggs and one princess for each room. Enjoy the surprise eggs party with all these amazing toys collection. Download this surprise eggs toys for kids & doll house game for girls and enjoy the amazing surprise eggs party with your friends after completing the doll house.
Operating System Android