Stress Relief Orb

The orb is designed to calm you down and put you in a trance like state, how you move the orb, along with how you breathe, determine its effectiveness. Provides relief from stress and anxiety. Try what works for you. Some tips for use: Try to match your breathing with the orb- Feel its energy flowing through you (use your imagination) - Move it around in circular motions, clockwise and counter clockwise, slowly- Or just stare at it, feeling what it throws at you all around you. In about 10 - 90 seconds, you'll feel your body relaxing and going into a trance-like state- Most importantly, let go. Has been tried on various subjects with success. Remember that in the end your cooperation with the app determines how you feel in end. If you 'fight' it, its success will lessen. Side-effects may include you forgetting about your worries for a while.
Operating System Android