My Talking Cat Lily

Great news for all animal games lovers, especially for the lovers of cat games. Meet talking Lily - your new virtual pet. Start playing with this cute virtual cat and, you will see that, with time, she will become your new best friend. But, you must take care of her. You must bath her, feed her, you must play with her if you want her to be happy. Lily wants to be trendy all the time and you must change her clothes very often, you must buy her some new clothes. Lily, also, adores makeup. So, buy her makeup and make her beautiful and elegant. Since this talking cat lives in the house, she will be bored with always the same furniture. So, buy her some new furniture and you will see how happy she will be. Talk to Lily and she will repeat everything you say with her cute voice. Lily, also, adores music. She plays xylophone and we are sure that you will enjoy playing some music with her. When you see that Lily is sleepy, take her to the bed, turn off the light and watch her sleep like an angel. My Talking Lily Cat is a perfect combination of animal games and dress up games and it is great for all the people who cannot afford to have a real cat at home. Now you can take your virtual pet wherever you want. And if you are searching for the perfect games for kids, this one is right for you. This talking game for Android will become one of the best games for girls, we are sure. But, also, we are sure that My Talking Lily Cat will become one of the best games for boys. Download free game for Android now, let your kids play with virtual talking animal and you will see that they will be fascinated. You will, also, have the opportunity to play different mini games all in order to earn some coins and to buy Lily new furniture, new clothes, some food and makeup. Mini games like Circle Lily, Lily and Clocks and more you will find here and all of them are so addictive that you won't be able to stop playing it. Cool game for Android is ready. So don't wait any longer, download My Talking Lily Cat now and start playing with your new virtual cat. Features of My Talking Lily Cat: play with Lily and see what she will do- pet her and she will be happy- feed Lily when you see that she is hungry- bath her when you see that she is dirty- take her to the bathroom- when you see that she is tired take her to the bed and turn off the light- play mini games in order to earn coins- talk to Lily and she will repeat everything you saidStart fantastic adventure with talking Lily - your new virtual pet. She is waiting for you.
Operating System Android