Three 'N Out

Three 'N Out is the 3-D, Pong-Like, Finger Ball Game that is played inside the color customizable Three 'N Out Game Cube Court. Three 'N Out features: One and Two Player Game Mode. Two Styles of Game Play in Two Player Game Mode. Beginner and Expert Game Level Play. Selectable Game Court Color Scheme. Audio-Mute for Quiet PlayIn One Player game mode, a player gets three balls. Play begins when a ball is served using the device's touch screen interface. Each successful ball strike keeps play alive, and adds another point to the player's total score. How many points can you score before you're Three 'N Out? In Two Player game mode, Three 'N Out offers two types of play: Total Score, and Head To Head. Total Score game play is similar to One Player game mode, with each player taking turns to see how many points they can score before they're Three 'N Out. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. In Head to Head Game Play, play begins when the ball is served by a player, with each player then taking turns trying to strike the ball to keep play alive. When a player is unable to keep a volley going, a point is awarded to the other player's score, and play continues. The first player to reach a score of Three wins, 'N the other player is Out.
Operating System Android