MAKE 4 is an action packed new arcade puzzle game. Different coloured balls fall from random positions at the top of the screen. Swipe the balls to swap their order, get 4 of the same colour in a row or column to destroy them. Try and keep the board as empty as possible, because when the balls reach the top, it's game over. MAKE 4 starts out slowly but increases in speed rapidly to become a frantic race to match the colours. Featuring multi-coloured balls and also rare explosive TNT balls for an extra twist, MAKE 4 is a highly entertaining and addictive experience. Will you beat your friends top score? MAKE 4 includes: High energy, very responsive game play. Very addictive. Have a quick game every time you have spare time and try to beat your score. 100% Free with no advertisements or in app purchases. Beautiful minimalistic design and soundtrack. Google Play Game Services connected, for high score leaderboards. Compete against friends. Instructions translated into 9 languagesCaution: Highly addictive. If you like the following types of games, you'll love Make 4. Match 3 puzzles. Quick games, great time killers. Addictive games. Bubble shooters. Games where you challenge your friends.
Operating System Android