Guess The Car

This simple game will help you to have a good time usefully. Look at the pictures and try to guess what car brand and model is it. The game has several difficulty levels: for those who are just starting their familiarity with the car industry and for more experienced players. Every time you give right answer your score (number of miles driven) will increase. Drive as far as you can. Prove everybody that you are best. Game has online scoreboard so you can compete with your friends and with everybody in the world. Features: More than 20 car brands such as: Alfa Romeo -- Audi-- Bentley-- Bmw-- Cadillac-- Chevrolet-- Ferrari-- Ford-- Honda-- Infiniti-- Jaguar-- Land Rover -- Lexus-- Mazda-- Mercedes Benz -- Nissan-- Opel-- Peugeot -- Porsche -- Range Rover -- Skoda. Online Scoreboard. Achievements. Difficulty levels. User-friendly interfaceEnjoy the game.
Operating System Android