Train Puzzle

Train Puzzle is an educational and puzzle game for children aged 2 and more. Our game is addressed to the youngest players who want to have some fun and at the same time learn to make correct choices and develop their manual skills. The game is divided into three parts: The first part involves choosing the correct element and placing it in the appropriate place. The next part of the game is a great treat for fans of jigsaw puzzles. The child needs to put the pieces into the correct order. Once this task is complete, an image of a fantastic and colourful train will appear. The third part of the game involves joining points in a proper order. During this task the child will learn to count and get to know numbers. After combining all points, the child will see a great and cheerful train. Tran Puzzle offers: learning to count and getting to know numbers- developing manual skills- stimulating the child's imagination and creativity- learning and development through play- dynamic and vibrant colours of trains.
Operating System Android