Spore Cubes

Please try the FREE Lite version of Spore Cubes first to ensure it works correctly on your device: http://play. google.com/store/apps/details? id=air. sporeproductions. sporecubeslite. Spore Cubes (TM) is the classic web game that captivated millions with its addictive and deceptively simple gameplay. You'll be instantly hooked. Inducted into the Puzzles.com Hall of Fame and featured in the book "Flash 5 Cartoons and Games". Click colored cubes to match and destroy groups of the same color until the entire playfield has been cleared. It's easy to play but difficult to master and will keep you coming back to this same game for "just one more try." - 5 skill levels to keep your brain trained and challenged. Features a high score table of your best score in each level. Please rate the game 5 stars. Future updates will include Puzzles and AchievementsPlease help us improve the game by giving it a good rating and write your suggestions for us in your review. Keep on poppin those cubes, cubies.
Operating System Android