Need for Drinks

This is a very rare magical drink, contains a variety of recipes and seasonings made out of the heavenly level of high-level drinks, want to drink to see it? It contains a variety of fruit extracted from the essence of the solution, and after thousands of tests, transferred out of the recipe, I believe you will be full of praise drink. You will love, this is noble food with the noble drink. A beverage is a liquid that is processed for drinking and divided into soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Common classificationAccording to the packaging (canned drinks, bottled drinks, aluminum foil drinks) According to whether it contains alcohol (alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages) According to the temperature (cold, hot drinks) sugar (sugar-free beverages) This is a surprise infinite joy of the application, everyone likes to drink, do not download this game to drink, very interesting strategy simulation game Oh. Beverage types are also dividedWine: wine, beer, brandy, whiskey, vodka. Tea: wheat tea, white tea, green tea, yellow tea, green tea (oolong tea), black tea, black tea, tea. Juices: orange juice, apple juice, lemon juice, grape juice, mango juice, pineapple juice. Carbonated beverages: soft drinks, cola, SARSDrinking water: mineral water, pure waterCoffee: latte, American coffee, Mocha, small fruit coffee, fruit coffee, fruit coffee, high-yielding coffeeOther: milk, soy milk, honey water, sports drinks, cocoa (chocolate), white cocoa, vanilla cocoa, lactic acid drinks, and so on. Wait for you to drink Oh. Play Description: Constantly shaking the middle drink. When a certain number of times, will be pleasantly surprised. Collect all the drinks to quench your thirst. Enjoy this drink drink bar, in the end what will be a mysterious surprise it, only played the talent to know, drink the delicious and rhythm, absolutely delicious, absolutely delicious, absolutely endless surprise, Come drink it, the magic drink shop So you download, a lot of people love to drink, crazy to drink, is simply delicious world Ah.
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