Christmas Phonics ABC Free

Christmas Phonics ABC is a fun Free app for both children and adults designed to help people to read English using the phonetic alphabet. We have provided fun Christmas/winter images and words so that each of the 26 letters of the alphabet from A to Z are sounded out. This app will help children who are learning to read and learn their sounds. It is for any child attending pre-school, kindergarten, elementary, primary or reception school. Adults learning English for the 1st time would also find it a helpful app while learning the phonetic alphabet. The Christmas/winter theme for the app will ensure that children want to use it. We have fun games included with the app. These games will make testing what you have learned fun and easy to do. The app has four child friendly sections. LEARN PHONICSHere you learn how each letter of the alphabet sounds. Each example has a Christmas or winter theme associated with it e. g. C for Cards, Carols and Chimney. The Christmas/winter themed graphics are fun pictures to help with recognizing phonic sounds. Sounds can be repeated as often as the user needs. TEST YOURSELFHere is where the work from the learn phonics section is put to the test. We have put the sounds on a bauble on a Christmas tree. You must play the sound and then pick the bauble on the Christmas tree that matches the sound. Sounds can be repeated so that the user can make sure that they fully recognize them. There are different difficulty levels for the user to try out as they learn more sounds. MEMORIZE PHONICSThis Santa themed card game helps you recognize letters as you have to match sounds and cards to win the game. The user must match cards after seeing the letter and hearing the sound. This also helps with the user's memory and ability to recall sound and letters. Again, there are different difficulty levels for the user to try out as they learn more sounds. WORD GAMEFor this game the player is presented with a Christmas/winter picture and word with a missing letter. The player must pick the correct letter to complete the word. Each letter sound is played as the user presses the button. This also helps users recognize sounds and letters from the alphabet. As with the other games, there are different difficulty levels for the user to try out as they learn more sounds. Our Privacy Disclosure: We are parents ourselves. We therefore want to ensure that we take the privacy of your children very seriously. We have designed our app so that does not contain any of the following: : Does not contain links to social networksDoes not collect personal dataDoes not offer any in-app purchasesAll of our app content is free, We make our money through advertising. This is how we can make an app that is free to download and play. We have placed the adds at the bottom of the screen so that they do not intrude on playing or learning fun. It is also the place that is least likely to be clicked on accidentally while playing our app. Feedback Please: If you have any feedback and suggestions on how we could further improve the design and interaction of our apps and games, please send us an email to
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