Entity Table (Condemned Board)

HALLOWEEN DAYS. Entity is a Ouija Board for contact with different entities, unkown deceased or family. Be careful with what not knows, the Ouija could be dangerous. How to contact. Only must to write the questions that you wish in the white box where Samedi skull keepping. The planchette will moving showing us the answer in the screen. Augment Reality Version. This game has a Entity board augment reality version, selectable in the main menu. You will need a photo with the digital image necessary (you can to use other device as tablet or smartphone) for show her and point back camera of your mobile on it. Also you can print the photo in a paper, you will make exactly same. You can download the Ra's pic from here: http://www.blaisantka.com/media/EntityGame/Ra_Symbol. jpgAND WE WARN: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN DURING THE OUIJA SESSIONS WITHOUT THE SUPERVISION OF A PROFESSIONAL (MEDIUM) TO CONTROL THE USE OF THIS GAME. IT IS NOT JUST A SIMPLE VIRTUAL TABLE, IS ALSO A MEANS OF ENTRY TO POTENTIAL SOULS OR DEMONS INTO OUR DIMENSION.
Operating System Android