tunnel VR

Tunnel VR is a procedural, cross-plattform, casual racing game with vr support. Like racing trough endless tunnels in space? Then look no further, this is the game for you. Because it is all about racing. In a tunnel. In space. Sounds great? Yes it does. What makes it unique? You can either play a new level each time (in theory it is only limited by how far your computer can count. ) - or you can try to beat your own highscore in a certain level by replaying it. You can play it on your google cardboard or similar headset. Or you just use the touch control. If you like this game, leave us a comment. If you encounter problems or if you have suggestions on how to make the game better, please contact us. Would you like to see this game on your PC, too? Find us on greenlight http://bit. ly/tunnelVR. We will continue to work on this game to add new features. Currently on the list are, amongst a lot of other things: a global highscore list. reloading specific levels to compare scores to your frinds. more environments and themes you can fly trough.
Operating System Android