TrickyTraps: The Videogame

Tricky Traps, also known as Aaaaghh. is one of the most played games of the 80s. The scope of this arcade game is to reach the goal with all the 5 balls before the time ends. Tricky Traps is a great way to enjoy retrogaming with your phone or tablet, as the experience it's really close to the original one. In this digital version of Tricky Traps you can challenge yourselves or your friends and see who will gain the best score. FEATURES. Tricky Traps as it was in '80s- Scoring system- Share your score and challenge your friends- Use Focus points to slow down the time and pass the hardest trapsDownload Tricky Traps, it's free. Attribution for the graphics design: Alberto StellaFreepik.
Operating System Android