Anatomy Quiz Free Science Game

Hello, "medical science" lovers. If you are doctors or you would like to be one of them, this "trivia game" app can be suitable for your taste. If you like medicine and you like dealing with anatomy, you should better hurry up and "download for free" this "great app". You will come across many "interesting questions" that are important for this branch of biology and medicine. Learn how "human body" works and get yourself introduced into the structure of human organism and its parts. "Human anatomy", as one of the basic essential sciences of medicine can be very interesting for every human on Earth. "Anatomy Quiz Free Science Game" can give you the answers to all of your questions. So go for it and see what humans are made of. 3 levels of difficulty. More than 300 "multiple choice questions". You have 20 seconds to choose the right "game quiz" answer - do it fast;- Use one of 3 available lifelines to solve the "quiz questions": 50: 50 - remove two incorrect answers;. Switch your question with another one;. Use the help of your friends - take a look at their answers shown in percentages. If you provide a wrong answer, the correct one will be automatically shown to you. Three errors in a row - game over;- Remember - use lifelines less and win more coins. Cash in your knowledge and feel like a millionaire. Log in with Facebook to win free coins and outsmart your friends. If you one of those people who are interested in science and like playing "education games", then you are in the right place. Anatomy Quiz Free Science Game is a "free game" app that deals with questions that concern human anatomy. A great variety of useful questions is now at your disposal. Try answering questions on muscles, organs, bones and tissues. Start playing this "anatomy and physiology" quiz even today and don't miss the great opportunity to learn new things. Broaden up your knowledge and leave no space for incorrect answers. Compete with your friends and together you can learn anatomy easily. This awesome "quiz app" provides you with a great variety of useful facts to which you should probably pay attention. Anatomy is a scientific study of organisms, their systems, "human organs" and tissues. Check your knowledge on these issues and level it up. Educate yourselves and have fun while learning with Anatomy Quiz Free Science Game. Get acquainted with many amusing facts on "human body parts" and become an expert of human anatomy. Don't miss the opportunity to play this useful "brain game" of "high quality" that will definitely live up to your expectations.
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