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Game Children: Games for Baby Education is a synthetic application 16 educational games for children from 1 to 5 years old. The game is extremely simple and help the kid-friendly ease of use. They will learn many things through the mini games. The Key Features In Games: Includes 16 mini-games: + Game animals. + Game Fishing. + Find the differences. + Distinguishing colors. + Game inference. + Quizzes image. + Find the differences between 2 pictures. + Pest Control. + Butterfly. + Makeup for cats. + Games traffic. + Learn shapes. + Fruit picking game. + Baby playing. + Baby coloring. + Games puzzle. Sound clarity, the standard for each image. The interface is bright, beautiful eyes. To experience the best games for children in Vietnamese completely free right now. We look forward to receiving feedback from you to the game more enjoyable. You can contact us through the following channels: Website: http://vinakids. org- Facebook: https://goo. gl/hLmuYk- Google+: https://goo. gl/7GbUAu- Youtube: https://goo. gl/RtbB1y- Twitter: Email: vinakidsgame@gmail.comFollow us through the channels on the earliest being updated to the new game's incredibly fun VinaKids Group.
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