Cherokee Party Planner

Party Planner. Tomorrow is your friend's birthday and you are in charge of planning a surprise birthday party for them. You get to choose the decorations, the snacks, and, of course, the cake. TULIP Language Games. As many adults know, learning a language as an adult can be very difficult and one often never achieves native fluency. Linguistic research has confirmed the existence of a Critical Period - a timeframe in early childhood during which humans must be exposed to a language in order to achieve native proficiency. Many parents who speak underrepresented languages encounter numerous challenges in passing on their language to their children. For children to want to learn, they need engaging materials and the sense that learning a language will open them up to fun and exciting experiences. This game is but one in a growing series which we hope provides exactly that. Tools for Underrepresented Language Immersion and Preservation (or TULIP for short) is an innitiative fueled by a desire to promote the use of heritage languages among youth via the creation of fun language learning materials. Our games provide children with a passive language experience so that they do not even realize that they are practicing. For more information about TULIP or to access our games on the web, visit http://unc. edu/. moeng/TULIPCherokee AudioCherokee TextKeywords: Cherokee, Cherokee language, Cherokee game, Cherokee party, Party planner, party game, Cherokee education, learn Cherokee, Cherokee learning, Cherokee resource, Cherokee children, birthday party.
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