Balloon Pop

Balloon popping game for children of any age. Gorgeous backgrounds, colorful and funny balloons, lots of cute animals, beautiful music with fun and learn mode. You can set between three speed levels and three balloon sizes. Fun. Balloon popping for fun with 4 beautiful backgrounds to choose from. Cute animals jump out of balloons and talk Learn. ABC pop: A cute animal displays a letter between A-Z, child needs to match the letter from available options. 123 pop: A number is displayed between 1-20, child needs to match the letter from available options. Beautiful animation is played on correct answer. Free Version: 3 funny balloon faces, 5 animals, 5 balloon colors, 2 backgrounds, ABC pop from A-L, 123 pop from 1-5, 3 options to answer the questionPremium Version (in-app purchase) : 6 balloon faces, 3 special balloons, 16 animals, 80 balloon colors, 4 backgrounds, ABC pop from A-Z, 123 pop from 1-20, choose between 3, 4, 5 or 6 options to answer the question- Does not contain any Ads- Contains one in-app purchase for the full version.
Operating System Android