Math Sprints

This app helps primary school kids learn simple addition, subtraction and multiplication, by remembering the questions they have answered incorrectly (or slowly) and asking these more often. Games are timed, if you get all the questions correct and within the time limit you will earn a star, get 4 stars to complete the level. Parents can monitor the child's progress by viewing the last games played, which questions were incorrect and need working on, best scores per level and statistics of number of games played this week, stars gained etc. There are 3 difficulty settings, Easy, Medium and Hard, which give you 3 minutes, 2 minutes or 1 min 30 secs to complete each game. Click the button to change category (Addition and Subtraction/Multiplication) and select from the drop down to choose the level (Addition to 10, Subtraction to 10 etc).
Operating System Android