Writing Alphabet Letters

Learn Letters Learn Alphabet Letters. Children acquire new information more rapidly these days. Children between 2 and 7 years old are little sponges that learn really fast. You are probably surprised by how fast your kids learned to use computers, smartphones and tablets. Modern technology is not necessarily bad for kids. If a toddler already has an access to the tablet or smartphone, the toddler will be capable to learn the alphabet letters. Parents shouldn't wait for their children starting school to learn letter writing. Preschoolers should be encouraged to find out from an early age. Therefore, you are free to learn your kids how to write letters and numbers. You will not carry away their childhood from them or cut their playtime. Every moment spent with you in learning and playing is more valuable than any second they spend watching cartoons. You are building the foundation for child's logical thinking, learning, attitude and other characteristics during the first three years of its life. Therefore, it would be a disgrace not to use the child's potential during these important years. English letter writing is a very complex natural process which involves a movement of a large group of hand, fist and finger muscles that are governed by the brain. Letter writing becomes automatic action by developing visual - motor perception. Fine motor skills are thought to be the ability to hold the pen and writing alphabet letters. Developing fine motor skills is a complex procedure that starts around the first year of human's life. The process of mastering finer motor skills stops around the sixth year of child's life. When a small fry is one-year-old it imitates writing on a paper sheet. When the youngster is a year and a half old it starts to scrabble with a pen on a paper sheet. Books are pegged together at the beginning of a child's life. Around child's second year it starts to turn books page by page and it starts to take the pen with its thumb, forefinger and middle finger and mimics writing vertical lines. When the kid is two and a half years old it is happy to play with the pen and paper, it draws vertical and horizontal lines and it is able to strike a circle. The child develops fine motor skills and it is directly linked to the intelligence development. The child will learn to think logically, it will suffer a better memory, attention and associated speech. The purpose of this app is to instruct kids to write Cyrillic alphabet correctly. The application itself is contrived to be extremely simple in order to help kids that are 3 to 5 years old learn letters easily. With this application you toddler writes lines with its finger movement that form a letter. This is how you can help children learn the ABC. 1. Touch any word after opening the app and there will be a picture with a word and lines that should be followed by a flick of a finger. Drag the finger across the screen, permitting it to follow the arrow that goes for the number to the end of point that leaves the number. 2. The beginning of every line is marked with ordinal number so that your toddler can successfully write a letter only within two parallel horizontal lines which is shown in ABC book. If you have any doubts, look into this video. This app contains discrete commercials that are given sustenance to its developer in order to continue his work with developing free educational apps. Our other applications about a child's education can be considered in the section below.
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