Mega Museum

Mega Museum is a mixture of incremental and loot based games, allowing you to dive in or relax as much as you like, whilst you accumulate wealth and items for visitors of your very own Mega Museum. With secrets to discover and mysteries to uncover, travel the world in search of the most MEGA pixel artifacts you can find. The further you get the more challenging this adventure becomes but more surprises and secrets await. can you discover them all? FEATURES: YOUR VERY OWN MEGA MUSEUM: Discover and collect items throughout the world to display at your museum. DAILY RATING: As you come back the next day, your museum will be rated based upon what you have found the previous day. MAKE IT MEGA: As your museum grows so will your visitor attendance, earning you more money to invest into more archaeological digs with many secrets to collect and discover. MEGA WHEEL: Fancy taking a gamble? Well you can now with our new mega wheel. With the expense of a mega bar you could win a pack of gems, coins and even some mega bars. FUN LOOT SYSTEM: Find treasures from simple common gems (netting you one coin per minute) or rare coins, to legendary items and beyond, the greater the find the more coins and stars you earn. MANY SECRETS AND WONDERS TO DISCOVER: During your time in your mega Museum you will uncover many secrets, some will help you on your adventure, others however will remain hidden, can you uncover these long forgotten mysteries. MEGA GOODNESS: Fun striking visual pixel art style with a warm relaxing soundtrack. Special thanks to Kenneth Cobble and Travis Lohmann for creating some fantastic tracks for us.
Operating System Android