TipTopTalk - Pronunciation

TipTopTalk. aims to improve pronunciation of second language with minimal pairs lists. Discover the languages: Spanish (ES), American English, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian and European Portuguese and German. Compete against your friends and people around the world in leaderboards and and reach achievements while playing. 4 game modes: exhibition, discrimination, pronunciation and infinite mode. Unlock new games as you play. 3 difficulty levels, from beginner to phonetic expert. Discover the phonetic symbols of each language. If you want to collaborate with us or have any suggestions, please contact via email. Permissions required of Tip Top Talk: 1. Internet for voice recognition and for sending game statistics. 2. Writing on the device: to store the results of the games. 3. Access to Google account to get your public image and to associate your game results. TipTopTalk. is a software product registered by intellectual property.
Operating System Android