Candy Frenzy - Sugarland Crush

Step inside the surreal plains of Sugarland and start blazing through thousands of addictive and delicious dream treats. Candy Frenzy is a colorful match 3 puzzle saga game for everyone in your family that will surely suck you inside its magic paradise and keep you playing for hours. You will dash through shiny, colorful jelly, fruit and candy, and you will smash your way through a cloud of magical and creative levels. You and your friends will need to complete various objectives: you will have to serve addictive dream treats to Coco, like the chocolate cake or the cinnamon cookies, smash items such as the pomegranate, watermelon, kiwi, orange and lemon fruits or collect the delicious sugar cubes. Every level is challenging in its own way, but you're not alone on your quest. Using shiny diamond gems, you can unlock power ups such as the mega cupcake bomb which will blitz and blast an item of your choosing, the helpful fairy that will swap any candy you want or the spiral lollipop that will transform any candy you want. Also, if you connect four items in a row, a special stripe candy will spawn, that, when matched with another two regular candy will create a sonic shockwave that will blaze and blast everything in its path. If you link five items in a row, you will create an awesome and colorful jelly cake, that will smash all candy of the same color. Connect items in an "L" shape to create a powerful soda juice fruit bomb that will blast and blaze all candy to juicy bits. The surreal graphics and compelling special effects will make your experience all the better on your way through Sugarland. How to play: Crush three fruit candy in a row to create powerful combos and gain points. Blast four fruit candy in a row to create an awesome striped candy that will send a sonic shockwave which will blaze through everything in its path. Crush five fruit candy in a row in order to create a juicy jelly cake that will destroy other items when connected to them. Crush the juice candy in an "L" shape in order to create an awesome soda juice bomb that will blast everything within a small radius. Use power ups that will help you dash and blaze through the levels like a true professional. Link special fruit candy together to create special combos with awesome effects. Features: Delicious and surreal graphics will make everything look like edible arrangements you'll want to eat right away. Dozens of challenging levels that will provide an unforgettable experience throughout Sugarland Paradise. Multiple play modes: score mode, time attack, collect the dream treats (the chocolate brownie cake and the cinnamon cookie), and many others. Awesome fruit candy: the orange star, the kiwi drop, the lemon juice, the refreshing watermelon and the pomegranate. Awesome treats like the chocolate brownie cake and the cinnamon cookie. Dozens of challenging levels that will make your creativity bloom and blossom. Crazy boosters and power ups, like the mega cupcake bomb, the color swapping lollipop and more. Shiny diamond gems that will make your adventure through Sugarland even more fun.
Operating System Android