Baby blocks

Baby blocks is an educational game-style puzzle game with wooden blocks of different shapes and colors, to stimulate the imagination and the logical and cognitive development of children. The ease of implementation and the lack of menus make it particularly suitable for children, the aim will fit the shape in the center in the corresponding box. The sounds will give small cues to the child leading him towards the solution and not just figure you will find in its place a small animation will reward the player. To the objectives, that is, the three forms to be embedded, interactive animation stimulate the expectation and reward the achievements with the opening of a new level and a new challenge that will involve your little one. Enjoy this simple and addictive puzzle game and try it with your child. Sound sweet but engaging EFFECTS- Manageable pieces, it is sufficient to drag the blocks and fill the spaces- Creative graphics will improve the ability of observation, concentration, memory- Rich variety of shapes, fruits, vegetables, animals, everyday objects. If you like baby blocks, you are invited to leave a review and to express the satisfaction with the stars. Your feedback will be used in future updates.
Operating System Android