Corre Willy Corre

Become a Willyrex and run, jump and collect the maximum number of objects you can to get the highest score. Ender Pearls will give 2 points, the golden apples will give you 5, 10 diamonds and emeralds 20, but the latter are harder to find and collect. Will you risk to lose the game to catch an emerald? - PLAY WITH WILLYREX, TROTUMAN, VEGETTA And STAXX, CHANGE YOUR CHARACTER AND CONSULTATION HIGH SCORES FROM THE MAIN MENU -- IF I SEE THAT YOU LIKE THE GAME AND HAVE GOOD RATINGS, adding more Youtubers COMING AND GAME MODES, Leave your suggestions in the comments -Visit the World Social Ranking and overcome score your friends or get to the top of the World Top. There are also a variety of achievements that you can get as you play. Will you be the first to get them all? If you like this game, please rate it and comment on it. Your feedback is very important to me and help me improve my game.
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