Animal World for Kids

Animal World for Kids is designed for kids educational purposes and includes 90 carefully selected animals. This game will quickly become your kids' favorite animals game. The app can be used as a supplementary teaching aid in english language instruction. Over 350 beautiful selected photos representing 90 animals: cat, dog, horse, cow, pig, chicken, sheep, rooster, donkey, goat, duck, goose, rabbit, turkey, peacock, camel, llama, dromedary, honey bee, lion, fox, cricket, pelican, beaver, bear, frog, snake, fish, giraffe, elephant, spider, zebra, penguin, butterfly, crocodile, mouse, fly, monkey, hamster, squirrel, hedgehog, turtle, cheetah, ostrich, wolf, deer, woodpecker, tiger, ant, rhinoceros, owl, gorilla, lizard, antelope, whale, dolphin, kangaroo, polar bear, stork, hippopotamus, anteater, starfish, hyena, seal, eagle, skunk, chameleon, parrot, bison, ladybug, raccoon, leopard, flamingo, crab, meerkat, falcon, scorpion, dragonfly, puma, hummingbird, snail, koala, swan, mole, mosquito, badger, walrus, coyote, panda bear, seahorse. These photographs allow your child to learn the names of the various animals. All images are released under Creative Commons CC0. We periodically add more levels to keep you interested.
Operating System Android