Animal Clicker

Your animals, your pets and rare species of animals just waiting for you to save them from the cage. Buy, feed, exchange and protect the animals. By all means hunt down the hunter so your animals stay healthy and you don't need any medic to spare. You can buy cats, dogs, chickens, donkeys, horses, lizards, sheeps, lions and many different pets. You can even upgrade them into rare animals. This game is a clicker game. It's really fun to watch those animals walk the screen. And please don't forget to feed them. So click, click and tap to get most of it. Additional features: 3 level upgrades of animals- buy and upgrade buildings- tapping and clicker game- multi tapping option- shussh the animals - push them over screen- hunt the hunter- buildings like: guard house, animal exchange, workers house, amazing bonuses- more than 50 achievements- super calm music- cartoon style animalsSo how much of an animal are you? How many clicks per second can you make? Let us know what you think. Problems? Questions? Get in touch. email:
Operating System Android