Kids Learn: Explore and Match

It is recommended that you take care of your child's healthy intellectual development since the youngest age. His or her memory, ability to think logically, fluidity of movements, ability to name things, recognise, etc. Year after year, your child becomes increasingly curious. It is us, the parents, who should support our preschooler in his or her development The main objective of Kids Learn: Explore and Match free app dedicated to small children, preschoolers aged 3 and over is to educate through fun. This educational game develops their memory, logical thinking capability, ability to associate facts and even fluidity and precision of movements. The game also extends the vocabulary range. However, if we want our child to know words in a foreign language all you need to do is select one of the languages available in the game and enjoy your child's linguistic education. The child discovers the world around it, objects and their names. He or she gets to know in what way they are associated. The beautiful, fable-like design makes the game and solving the puzzle even more fun as the game is more interesting to the child. The colourful game world makes your kids smileKids Learn: Explore and Match app is an educational game that makes education fun. It involves three modes: LEARN MODE - the child is learning which objects are associated with each other. It is a fantastic educational aid for learning words and associations. Words are the main building blocks for virtually every skill. The more words a little child knows, the easier it is for him or her to build up new skills. In addition to increasing the vocabulary the LEARN mode allows your preschooler to associate facts and large, colourful pictures along with the voice over encourage him or her to watch and listen, developing his or her imagination at the same time. The preschooler learns that the 'dog' is associated with the 'doghouse' and the 'leash' and the 'bee' with the 'hive' and the 'flowers'. PLAY MODE - it's time to play after learning. Now the child might use what he or she has remembered from LEARN mode. The toddler matches the objects. For instance, the child might match the 'collar' to the 'dog' or the 'crown' to the 'king'. The child discovers the world while playing and having fun. The game learns children to be independent, contributes to their activeness and ingenuity, encourages to think. It also develops your toddler's memory and concentration as the child needs to independently associate individual elements according to what he or she has learnt. If your preschooler has trouble with matching elements, you can always help or go back to the LEARN mode. After a successful attempt your child might feel satisfied and pleased due to colourful balloons and applausePUZZLE MODE - here the young child recognises the shape and should move the element that suits a given shape. The PUZZLE mode develops children's fluidity of movements, ability to think logically and recognise shapes. Every time the object is correctly matched, the voice over repeats its name. The game therefore has an educational dimension as it allows the child to remember a new name of an object even better. The objective of the educational game is to contribute to the child's development. However, let's not forget that it cannot replace actual playing with the parent, shared education, discussion or a walk. It is recommended that a preschooler time in a way that contributes to his or her development. It is, however, very important to spend some time with your child as he or she is playingWe want to develop the app and provide new colourful riddles. That's why your comments are always welcome. We encourage you to share your opinion with us. We kindly request you to rate the app and if you notice any mistakes please contact us by e-mail We believe that Kids Learn: Explore and Match app, a colourful educational app for children contributes to development of little, talented preschoolers.
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