IC: Diffusion

Why just read about a case study when you can experience one? Cogent Education's Interactive Cases provide engaging real world scenarios allowing you to explore a variety of science-based careers and dive into the "molecular" world to solve a real world problem. Each Interactive Case concentrates on one of the most challenging concepts in Biology. In the role of a physician assistant in the ER of a hospital, students help a patient who has been exposed to chlorine gas following a train wreck. Students fly into the lungs to learn about diffusion and collect data in order to help cure the patient. Our award-winning Interactive Cases: present key science concepts in the context of engaging real-world scenarios. allow you to use critical thinking to practice problem-solving skills. enable you to interact with virtual molecular and cellular worlds. align to Next Generation Science Standards and AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner. are research-based and proven to improve learning and problem-solving skills (3-year independent study with 2, 300 students). provide a real-time formative assessment tool that enables teachers to differentiate and personalize their instruction. are funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. can be completed in approximately 45-90 minutes. allow users anytime, anywhere access, which offers additional time to develop and hone problem-solving skillsYou'll never view science the same way again. This case study is not recommended to use on phones due to the font size.
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