Kids Math Game Challenge

Kids Math Game Challenge Features. -Learning to count (Game answering what's the next number) -Subtractions (Numbers from 1 to 10000) Selectable. Additions (Numbers from 1 - 100000) Selectable. Division (Numbers from 1 - 1000) Selectable. Multiplication (Timetables from 1 to 12) Selectable. This is is a simple and fun game for kids to either learn or to test their level of math skill. There is a timer of 60 seconds to test how many correct answers were answered. (Timer can be disabled for free play for more practice) end score with ranking, which will encourage kids to practice more to try to catch a higher rank. You can choose the age range (difficulty level) you desire. Suitable for: From 3 years old-5 Years -6 Years -7 Years -8 Years -9 Years -10 Years-11 Years -Also OverChallenge yourself. Enjoy.
Operating System Android