Baby Game Online Shopping

Baby Game, Baby Emma online shopping is fantastic learning game for kids. Now a days everything happens online, so why not give a glimpse of it to our kids. In this game our favourite character Baby Emma helps her mother to buy groceries by doing online shopping from retailer's online shopping portal. Baby Emmas mother is not feeling well, Doctor advise her to take rest but she knew some groceries in kitchen need to be refilled and for that she wanted to buy it from retailer's online shopping portal, but she is so weak that she has ask help of her daughter baby Emma. ThisBaby Emma online shopping, Kids and baby game has 3 levels, each level has challenge and a timeline within which you need to complete that level. If you fail to complete the level within that timeline you will end up with low score, you need to replay it to achieve more score. There is bonus mini game within Baby Emma Online shopping game which is burst the bubbles. Baby Emma orders all necessary groceries by visiting retailers website and placing online order. This Baby game is so interesting that kids get real feel of doing online shopping, They will get some feeling of responsibility. This Baby Game is purely an educational game, even though itsonline shopping game its meant for kids and nowhere it ask any payment information. This game educates kids what important groceries are for their home and how to find them. So kids play this amazing baby game of baby emma online shopping and get feel of real online shopping Enjoy the game and share it with your freinds and family.
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