Magic Touch Piano Rhythm FREE

Magic Touch - Piano Rhythm Download Magic Touch - Piano Rhythm for FREE and start playing the best piano game on your device. Play classical tunes, children's tunes, or popular hit songs. Magic Touch - Piano Rhythm stands out among other piano games and music games with our unique and fun gameplay. Tap your fingers on the screen as the notes touch the piano tiles to earn scores. Many piano games have similar rule and gameplay which is dont tap on the white tile of the virtual piano. However, in Magic Touch - Piano Rhythm, we create a new game play that makes us stands out from other music games. In this piano game, your task is to tap on the notes once they touch the virtual piano tiles. The key is to follow the piano rhythm of your chosen song. You can also learn the song before playing this piano magic game. Magic Touch Piano Rhythm TOP Features: Play the instrumental rhythm from various musical genres: classical, popular hits, traditional and kids' songs. Beautiful game graphic and animation that will entice you to keep playing this piano magic game. Three level of play piano difficulty: Easy, Medium, Advanced for each song. Simple gameplay but challenging to master. Learn the piano rhythm of the song before playing. Enjoy listening to the instrumental rhythm of your favorite songs. Tapping the screen to the tune of the piano rhythm might sound easy, but you'll soon find out it is anything but. Our piano game is definitely challenging and addictive. Try it for yourself and see if you have what it takes to be a piano maestro.
Operating System Android