Killer Fungus: Evolution

Are you ready to learn about science through this amazing new game? Killer Fungus: Evolution was co-developed by scientists at the University of Aberdeen who are researching fungi and how they cause infections. Some Fungi are special microbes that infect the human body. During infection fungi can use special superpowers or skills to help them avoid or damage our immune system. This helps them survive for longer and cause nasty infections. In this amazing game you will put a range of these skills to the test and find out exactly what combinations are needed to create a super fungus that can survive immune cell attack. Upgrade and mix and match between;: Grapple. Shield. Stealth. Decoys. Toxins. Morph (Warning. some of the immune cell enemies like to eat your fungus. How will you escape? ) Killer Fungus: Evolution was developed by Game Dr and Monocool Interactive with artwork by Siam Colvine.
Operating System Android