Kids Education

Kids Education is a free educational game designed to help your kid learn counting from 1 to 10, all major colours, main shapes and names of fruits. Each educational item is represented with colourful image and human kind sound voice-over. Kids Education beside "Learning" mode also includes "Testing" mode. This mode tests your kid's knowledge of fruits, numbers, shapes and colours. Your kid will never get bored from this cool game. Learning was never as easy as with Kids Education game. This kids game will be a great trainer for your kid and one of the best ways to get elementary knowledge. Thousands of kids all over the world learn counting, fruit names, colours and shapes with this cool game. Start your kids learning process now. Download the best game from all educational games for kids right now, make learning fun. This Kids Educational game includes the following features. Number Counting Learning. Colour Learning. Fruits Name Learning. Shapes Learning. Colourful graphics representation of all items. Nice voice-over for educational item. Testing mode.
Operating System Android