Toc And Roll

Get your children to learn music while playing, quick and easy. In minutes they will be singing real hits created by themselves, and you could share it online. Toc And Roll has no ads or in-app purchases. No extra charges. This powerful educational tool has been designed to help children start composing songs and cultivate their creativity in a funny and easy way. It contains real instruments sounds to write, in a very easy way, songs of different styles like Rock, Rock and Roll, Pop, Blues, etc. Like a portable studio, Toc And Roll gives children the chance to mix different instruments on a virtual multitrack. They can add effects, record their voices, and then share the results with the world. Toc And Roll has received praise from the press. It is used in schools in different countries, and has received awards like the Digital Ehon Award, from Japan. KEY FEATURESNo In-App purchases. No extra costs. No ads. Interface and compelling graphics. Over 1000 differents sounds of 10 real instruments, which help children to discriminate sounds and develop hearing. No MIDI, only real instruments. Record your own voice to make unique your song. Add funny effects like Reverb, Delay or Vocoder. Learn to mix your songs, control the volume and effects for each track independently. No limits. Make a complete song as long as you want. Play with the tempo of the song easily. Put a title to your song, and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or e-mail. REAL INSTRUMENTS Guitar (acoustic and electric) BassDrumsPianoGlockenspielPercussionTrumpetSaxViolinAnd, the most important, your own voice. ABOUT MINIMUSICASince 2006, minimusica has been a pioneer in providing musical content to children of a new generation of parents. Today, minimusica is an established brand and key reference point in the sector, with a wide range of activities, participation in schools, festivals and events, as well as a strong media and internet presence. The key to minimusica's success and prestige has been, from the very beginning, the educational foundation upon which the project is built. This foundation encompasses a variety of actions such as concerts, a collection of CDs and the website - www.minimusica. tv - where education and entertainment are combined.
Operating System Android