Maui Mini Educational Games

Maui Mini Games contains 25 mini games in a single app designed for children 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 year-old. This educational app is divided into four groups of games: 1st GROUP - Exploring and tapping children will start fun animations full of surprises and laughter. These games help babies and toddlers DISCOVER THE CONCEPT OF CAUSE AND EFFECT encouraging they innate sense of curiosity. 2nd GROUP - By sliding their finger through the screen children are challenged to find hidden pictures and animations accompanied by sound effects. A great and fun way for small children to DEVELOP THEIR MOTOR SKILLS. 3th GROUP - Through these simple drag-and-drop games children will learn to distinguish and associate shapes and colors. During this games the children will become familiar with the first NUMBERS, LETTERS and GEOMETRIC SHAPES. 4th GROUP - Memory card games are great for IMPROVING CONCENTRATION and MEMORY SKILLS. Great games for Preschoolers. 200 sounds effects were recorded and designed especially for Maui Mini Games by musicians with long experience in music education. Our team works with seriousness that toddlers and preschoolers deserve making their gaming time a beautiful and enriching experience. Fun and Learning with Maui Mini Games. For children safety, this app does not contain any type of advertisements or in app purchases, and does not require an Internet connection to function. Privacy policyThis app does not collect any personal information, does not allow web browsing from within the app and does not connect to social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
Operating System Android