Fish Maze for Kids

Fish Maze is the perfect game to have a good time with your child. Kids will never miss the chance to swipe the puzzle and escape the fish. And parents will get challenged by the more difficult mazes. Rules are simple: The fish is captured in the wooden box and needs help to escape. The box represents a maze. Find the path through the labyrinth. Swipe the screen to rotate the box. Watch out for stones, collect all gems and release the fish. Help the fish fall through the holes of the labyrinth into the water. The full version of the game contains 6 worlds and 42 mazes. Will your kid be smarter than you in solving the puzzle? INFORMATION FOR PARENTS: The puzzle is suitable for kids and adults of any age. This application shows no Ads, no Banners, nor other types of advertisement. It doesn't collect private or location data from the phone. The upgrade is available via In-App Billing.
Operating System Android