Connect 4 US States

Learn gradually the Geography of USA from a particular area: North East, South East, etc. Choose the flash cards: US State Capitals, Cities, Flags, Nicknames, or Mixed. Place your chips on corresponding state name abbreviations, and try to connect 4 in a row."Connect 4 US States" is a friendly game. It quizzes only 9 states at a time. During the game you can peek at your mini States Guide for US State Capitals, Cities, Flags, Nicknames, etc. This game was designed following Neuroplasticity principles. It trains your attention, memory, logic and strategy skills in a fun and relaxing way."Connect 4 US States" can be played by two players or in single mode, on phone or tablet. GAME FEATURES: Five different game levels: beginners play with "Rookie"; experts play with "Nerd". Super Points: make more than one row, or place 5 chips in a row. eliminate opponent's chips for even more points. Gradual Learning: first master state name abbreviations from an area, then add flash cards for: US State Capitals, Flags, Cities or Nicknames. Learn from your mistakes. Tap "OOPS" to review them. Challenge yourself selecting "Tough Rules". Increase performance and fun by setting "Mistakes Penalties". Each game is unique: the board changes and the cards are shuffled. Sounds and color options are available. Special game setting for people with special needs is offered. Easy to use "States Guide". It presents only the nine states selected. Take a moment to review the state capitals, cities, flags or nicknames before the round starts. You can peek also during the game. No time pressure. This game is a great educational tool for classrooms, homeschooling and everybody who wants to improve his Geography knowledge. We hope you like our free game "Connect 4 US States". Have fun playing.
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