Children's Piano

Children's Piano application is a colorful version of piano with sounds of animals, vehicles, arctic animals, farm animals and birds instead of having a piano sounds. In application there are included 2 main sets of sounds: Animals sounds included: Dog - Panda - Frog - Mouse - Duck - Cat - Lion Vehicles sounds included: Truck - Sport car - Train - Ambulance - Trabant - Firetruck - Plain Each set also contain 5 special sounds hidden under black keys. Children's Piano contain also another sets to buy using In-App payment method. Right know available to buy are two sets: Birds sounds included: Sparrow - Gull - Toucan - Parrot - Owl - Pelican - Pigeon Farm sounds included: Chick - Goose - Roster - Pig - Horse - Sheep - Cow Each additional set cost $1. 32.
Operating System Android