Riddle Me That - Guess Riddle

Riddle Me That. Do you like guessing riddles and playing riddle quiz game? Can you guess these riddles? Riddle of the day: What do you call a dog that sweats so much? What falls but never breaks? Try this "Riddle Me That." game. It's the best riddle quiz game, and It's free. For every riddle, you will have 12 or 14 mixed letters for candidate, and you will be shown the number of letters for answers. These are already the hints for you, so it's easier than traditional riddles. There will be lots of levels for you to unlock if you answer enough riddles, so you can guess futher riddles without having to guess the current one like other riddle games. Go Go Go. So now let's begin this riddle game - Riddle Me That. Riddle me this, riddle me that, Riddle Me Brains. The answers of two questions: hotdog and night. Don't try to search the riddles and answers online, since it will reduce the fun.
Operating System Android