Draky - PREMIUM Edition -

SPECIAL OFFER, LIMITED TIME REDUCED PRICE. (ONE TIME PAYMENT)Finally on sale the PREMIUM version of the most acclaimed adventure of recent times. Includes a full game guide that will help you discover all the secrets and beat Draky. Finish the true legend of the vampire and living the greatest adventure of your life. Lucy and Jonny were never clear about the legend of Draky the vampire being just a tale. But that night, after getting lost in the woods, they will get the chance to find out. The castle of their nightmares raises in front of their eyes and a strange influx takes them to the inside. Using witchcraft, the Baron Draky was able to transform the Twilight Castle into a sinister ever-changing castle. That is why it will be different every game. The old vampire carries with him the most important keys of the castle, and it will not be easy to catch him. Explore rooms, use objects, and consult maps. Use your imagination to escape and go back home. Updated. Save game option included. (To save the game you must find the hidden treasures of each floor of the castle. ).
Price USD 0
License Purchase
Version 1.7.3
Operating System Android
System Requirements None