Maya Bul

Bul, also called Buul, Boolik or Puluc, is a running-fight game originating in Mesoamerica, and is known particularly among several of the Maya peoples of the Guatemalan highlands. It is uncertain whether this specific game dates back to the pre-Columbian Maya civilization, or whether instead it developed in the post-colonial era after the arrival of the Spanish conquistadores.It is impossible to know when exactly the game was developed or what the original rules were as very few records survived the invasion by the conquistadors (between the 15th and 17th centuries). Rules for two playersThe overall objective is to capture and subsequently kill the playing pieces of the opposition, so the game is in essence a war game.The playing area is divided up into equal spaces using rods, placed parallel to each other. The two players have control of a base at either end of the play area.The players take five stones or figurines, yellow for the first player and red for the second one, initially placed in their respective bases.The movement of the stones is determined by the roll of four dice or 'bul' (corn kernels). These are painted black on one half so that they land showing either a yellow or black face. The number of faces showing determines how many spaces a stone can move:1 yellow - 1 space2 yellow - 2 spaces3 yellow - 3 spaces4 yellow - 4 spaces0 yellow (all black) - 5 spacesTaking it in turns, players roll the bul, pushing a colored button and move any of their stones the corresponding number of spaces toward the enemy base. A stone cannot move to a space where there is already a friendly stone. If there is no other option but to do this, a player must pass, pressing the Pass button.When a stone lands on the same space as an enemy stone, the enemy stone is captured and is no longer controlled by the enemy player. The enemy stone is placed beneath the capturing stone to reflect its captured state. Every time the capturing stone moves, its prisoners are moved with it. If a stone lands on an enemy stone which already has prisoners, it captures that stone and its prisoners, and these are placed beneath it.When a stone captures an enemy stone, it immediately reverses direction and begins heading back to the home base.Once a stone and its prisoners reach home, any enemy stones are removed from the game, or killed. Friendly stones are liberated or returned back to the set of stones which can be played.Once a player has killed every enemy stone, he wins.
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