Hong Kong Puzzle Map

Do you know Hongkong map? Do you want to challenge the puzzle map game? How about your kid? You should like this game. Also including United States Puzzle Map, Japan Puzzle Map, Europe Puzzle Map and China Puzzle Map game! These games are very welcome by many people. Hongkong puzzle map game will help you to learn the maps shape and name of every district. In main game, touch district map you can see the full name and listen the pronunciation; You need to drag the district map to the correct position, when you drag all district maps to its location, you win. Test game is designed for you to memorize better the districts map name and shape. The correct answer will let the district map fly to its location.Main function: 1. Its very fun to learn the Hongkong map by dragging the pictures. 2. Main game has two levels. First level has the outline tips. Second level has no outline tips. 3. Test game part will random to create the three options for every district map. Once answer is wrong, correct answer will prompt. 4. Main game has game time tips and best record. 5. Including teacher read all district name in English, Chinese and Japanese. Thanks for your playing and welcome to give us good suggestion. //welcome to play other puzzle map game too. 1)United States Puzzle Map. 2)China State Puzzle Map. 3)Japan State Puzzle Map. 4)Europe Puzzle Map. 5)France Puzzle Map. 6)Asia Puzzle Map. 7)South America Puzzle Map. 8)Africa Puzzle Map. 9)Italy Puzzle Map.10) Australia Puzzle Map.11) Korean Peninsula Puzzle Map.12) Canada Puzzle Map.13) Germany Puzzle Map.14) Netherlands Puzzle Map.15) United Mexican States Puzzle Map.16) Spain Puzzle Map.17) Portugal Puzzle Map.
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