Layers: Animal Kingdom Mothers

Enter the world of animal parenthood in this new hidden object game as Difference Games presents, Mothers of the Animal Kingdom. But be careful though; some mama animals are out to hunt for prey. Do not let their wild, motherly instincts get you. RAWR. Enjoy a relaxing game where you tap to create artwork and expand your gallery business. You can also hire fairy helpers which let you make progress while idle. TAP TO DRAWStart with an empty canvas and as you tap the line drawing is revealed. Can you guess what the painting is from the outlines? TAP TO FILL IN DETAILSOnce the outline is revealed the next layer fills in the shading and details. At this point the full image is revealed. TAP TO ADD BEAUTIFUL COLORSThe last layer reveals all the color and brings the image to life. SELL YOUR PAINTINGSell copies of your paintings in the gallery. Higher level paintings are worth a lot of money. UPGRADE YOUR TOOLSSpend your coins to buy new tools and upgrade the power of your existing ones. BUY NEW CANVASESYou can also use your coins to unlock new canvases. Higher level paintings require a greater number of taps to reveal so be sure to upgrade your tools. HIRE FAIRIESMagic Fairies can do a lot of the tapping work for you. Set them to work revealing your paintings. HIRE MANAGERSManagers will work day and night to sell your paintings even while you're away. MANY PAINTINGS TO UNLOCKContains 20 beautiful hidden images. Unlock them all. Explore the world of the Little Bees. Be amazed with the day-to-day lives of these little yet wonderful creatures, perfectly captured with lens in stunning close-up images. Hidden Layers is a brand new game we are actively developing - please leave a review telling us what you like, don't like, and want to see added. Seriously, please write to us. Features:-Create and sell beautiful paintings. 20 beautiful artworks. Earn coins and buy new canvases. Hire Fairies and Managers. Many paintings to unlock. Powered by Dolby on supported devices.
Operating System Android