Sand Premium

A FAST falling sand game. Based on the original "falling sand" game, this little time-waster lets you draw different elements and watch them interact. Set things on fire, grow a garden, create elaborate set-ups. Most elements can be set to either draw or emit by pressing again on the palette. The interface is minimal to free up canvas space, but elements names are shown on selection and there are basic instructions and element descriptions when you press "? ". The premium version offers 27 elements, of which 17 can also emit (aka "spouts") by selecting them twice. Eraser- Stone- Water / Spout- Plant / Weed- Fire / Torch- Sand / Sand spout- Wax- Oil / Oil spout- Salt / Salt spout- Methane / Methane spout- Lava / Lava spout- Steam / Steam spout- Nitro / Nitro spout- Napalm / Napalm spout- Gunpowder / Gunpowder spout- C4- Detonating cord- Cement / Cement spout- Wood- Metal- Thermite / Thermite spout- Plutonium / Plutonium spout- Fuse- Ice / Ice source- Membrane- Pump- Fireworks / Fireworks spoutHighly optimized to run very smooth on most devices. Minimum specs:1 GHz ARMv7 device. 800x480 display.
Operating System Android