Trump Wall

We are going to have strong, incredible borders. And people are going to come to our country, but they are going to come to our country legally. In this political satire, you are to help the newly elected President Donald J. Trump erect a beautiful, tall wall along the southern border of the United States (and by the way, Mexico is going to pay for it, and they are gonna like it). What are you waiting for?. Build that wall. Build that wall. CreditsVoice Clips President Donald J. Trump "Welcome To California" Per-Olof Forsberg (CC-by) "Welcome to Arizona" Ken Lund (CC-by-sa) "Welcome to Texas" Stefan Andrej Shambora (CC-by) Trump Shuttle Boeing 727-25 Aero Icarus (CC-by-sa) Trump Chopper Phil Roeder (CC-by) Predator Drone KAZ Vorpal (CC-by-sa) Red Bricks J. Ott (CC-by) (CC-by-sa) Trump CaricatureDonkeyHotey (CC-by-sa) Trump Backyard Photo Sign at Night - West Des Moines, IowaTony Webster (CC-by-sa)
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