Girl Hoverboard Simulator

The princess is going to play her new hoverboard. Please help her put on some protective gears such as helmet, elbow pads and knee pads to make her safe. Now let's start playing. There are 4 roads for the princess to play. Choose your favourite road and help her control the hoverboard. Don't make her fall from it. She has a lot fun with the hoverboard, but she is really tired. Could you please give her a full SPA to make her relax? At last, please change her some beautiful clothes and make her up. In this game, you need to:1. Help the princess put on the protective gears. 2. Help the princess control the hoverboard. 3. Give her a full SPA after playing. 4. Make up. 5. Dress up. Find more free online games, please browse the website http:// No need to download.
Operating System Android