Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues

As a member of Nancy Drew's de-TECH-tive crew, choose disguises, find clues, and program your robot puppy to solve the mystery of a missing project at the Tech Fair. The mystery unfolds in a full narrative story spanning six chapters, as Nancy and friends encounter students who may have taken the missing project. Help Nancy track down suspects and discover what happened to the project before the Tech Fair competition begins. Throughout the game players develop and use their growing de-TECH-tive skills. Players find clues in hidden object games and apply basic coding concepts to code their puppy and help Nancy out of tight spots at the end of every chapter. It's the ultimate introduction to computer programming as the coding challenges increase as the story progresses and leads to a super coder award. FEATURES:LEARNKids will learn two of the three basic logic structures in computer programming: Sequences. Loops DEVELOPSuper de-TECH-tives will develop critical thinking skills: Pattern recognition. Spatial visualization. Problem solving. Algorithmic thinking. Attention to detailPLAYKids will follow the story and have fun while narrowing down their list of suspects: Read along with story dialogue. Find clues within 20+ hidden object games. Review clues, evidence, and possible suspects in the player's Clue Book. Select undercover disguises for Nancy, Bess and George. Investigate a new location in each chapter. Play bonus coding levels in Obstacle Course mode. Collect in-game charms. Listen to the "Codes & Clues" theme song composed by Berklee College of Music contest winner, Ana Tish, performed by Sofia Mazursky and produced by Grammy Award winner Tena Clark. Kids will love this new Nancy Drew mobile mystery just as many generations have loved the books.come join Nancy, Bess and George on an adventure that entertains and educates with equal measure. This is going to be fun. NO IN-APP PURCHASES, ADS OR PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. FOR TEACHERS:This is an app that can be played by everyone in the family outside of the classroom. No previous coding experience is required. For early learners, the app is designed to develop critical thinking skills and to learn 2 of the 3 basic logic structures in programming all while having fun. Hi Kids Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues is the first initiative under Her Interactive's new division, Hi Kids, which will focus on mobile games and apps geared to early learners. Her Interactive was a pioneer in 1998 when it began developing and publishing Nancy Drew interactive games for females. From the beginning, the company's videogames encouraged STEM education and careers. Since then, Her Interactive has released 32 games, won 30 Parents' Choice awards and has sold more than 9 million copies of its games. Parents and teachers will be using Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues to introduce their children and students, respectively, to coding and computer science. Parents and teachers can sign-up for our newsletter or follow-us on any one of our social media channels. WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY AND DO NOT SHARE EMAIL ADDRESSES PROVIDED BY PARENTS. If you encounter any issues installing your app, please feel free to contact us at or access our FAQ's at http:// Follow us: Website: YouTube: http://bit. ly/1s11SLy. Facebook:
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