Mall & Supermarket Simulator

Shopping Mall & Supermarket Cash Register & Grocery Store Simulator - Kids Cashier Games FREE. Play in a Supermarket & Shopping Mall Cashier and Cash Register Simulator. Realistic Shopping, Cashier, and Cash Register Simulator at your fingertips. Play in the Supermarket as both Cashier and Customer. Also play in venues such as a Cafe & Coffee Shop, Toy Shop, all NEW Shopping Mall & Clothing Department, and additional games like Supermarket & Grocery Store and Supermarket Bakery Shop. Play as both Cashier, and Customer in all 5 venues for hours of fun. Shopping Mall & Supermarket Simulator lets you check out customers using a realistic moving belt just like in the Real Supermarkets & Grocery Stores. Also shop for items such as groceries, milk, eggs, bread, clothing, shoes, accessories, purses, cafe items such as baked goods, coffee, milk and more. Then shop at the Toy Shop for tons of toys for the kids. Mall & Supermarket Simulator Cash Register & Customer Service Games is loads of fun for kids, and provides kids with the tools needed to learn how to check out items at the register by entering them using the numbers and keypads.
Operating System Android