Last Commando Sniper Shooter 3D - Elite SWAT Army Shooting Simulator

One Man, One Army, One War. You, the only and Last Commando left in the Battlefield as a Master Assassin Sharp Shooter of Elite Force command with SWAT skills. Your army base has been taken as hostage by terrorist commandos As the Fury, lone and last surviving Commando of a renegade attack against a ruthless terrorist organization, you are stranded on the frontline and hell-bent on payback to score the killing headshot and rescue each hostage in this intense lone commando sniper shooter!Armed combat breaks out in the army base as your top commandos are taken hostage during brutal terrorist games training. Only you, the most elite sniper shooter in the squad, a SWAT trained professional with frontline commando training completed and an experienced battlefield war solider, take the head and kill shot, can pull off the high-skill headshots required to save your fellow commandos, take out the terrorists and save the day in Lone and Last Commando Sniper Shooter, one of the most intense free games in the first person shooter genre!This hostage and commando sniper shooter mission is full of perils. Unlike many first person shooting games, Lone and Last Commando Sniper Shooter requires quick brains as well as a fast trigger finger. Clear the army base of terrorist commandos, but watch out! Enemy commandos have peppered the army base with hostages. Execute headshots and kill all of the terrorists, but avoid shooting the hostage commandos by accident. Only the lone commando death shooter and sniper elite will survive in this deadly first person shooter!ARMED COMBAT IN AUTHENTIC ARMY BASE:- Army base environment puts you in the middle of the most realistic sniping action with super Army and Lone commando with SWAT and elite sniper under your control, with realistic weaponry and advanced sniper kits, Free shooting games represented in the most authentic way.LONE COMMANDO SNIPER SHOOTER UTILIZES ADVANCED ARMORY:- Army and Lone commando sniper shooter is loaded and equipped with multiple weapons in the epic battlefield with frontline commando action and to challenge the terrorists to clear up the army base and military facilities with hostage release, Track shot distance as you aim with realistic scopes and rifles.FPS STEALTH GAMEPLAY:- 3D shooting games let you survey the entire army base, but avoid alerting the terrorist commandos to your presence, take out enemies and terrorists with silenced single shots or bursts of fire, but be warned - burst fire will alert enemies.HEADSHOTS IMPROVE YOUR SNIPER SKILLS:- Straight Headshot kills improve your skills to become a more formidable sharpshooter and elite commando sniper. Kill terrorist commandos with a single silenced shot regain your strength by .LONE COMMANDO SNIPER SHOOTER 3D ACTION AND GRAPHICS:- 3D shooting games come alive with realistic environments and gun models to be used in assassinating the deadly terrorists commandos. 3D games meet breathless sniper shooter action in this intense first person shooter stealth experienceJust like consoling FPS games, shooting with dual-analog control and precise headshots, thanks to multiple weapon zoom levels, Easy to pick up and play, tough to master. Join the lone commando super sniper and elite force with S.W.A.T skills and sniper elite in this uncompromising first person shooter commando experience. Free shooting games dont get any more intense. As the ultimate sniper assassin, you shape the future of your fellow commandos with each headshot. Put an end to your enemies and their villainous terrorist games, and liberate your army base from the most ruthless commandos in the world - one headshot at a time.
File Size55.32 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.