Kidznest is a unique online holistic child development program cultivating young minds between age 2-6 years through the most entertaining use of interactive digital technology.Helps kids at home to reinforce pre-primary school learning.WHAT WILL YOUR KID DO ON KIDZNEST? Watch and Play entertaining Videos and Games. Kidznest has lively animated characters which are inspirational, motivational, friendly, funny, and quirky which would captivate a child and provide fun learning. Play with the characters and learn with them. Storytelling, Music, Songs and Rhymes are interwoven in Animated Videos and Games. Affinity to music comes naturally to toddlers. They sing with their favourite characters, tap their feet to the rhythm of rhymes and enjoy the sound of their parents singing along with them! Learning will come naturally as your child embarks on an entertaining journey in the world of Kidznest!PARENTS ZONE We believe that no other relationship is as closely knit as the parent-child bond. Parents Zone on our website is specially created for you to supervise & evaluate your childs progress. You can log in and stay updated continuously. Its your very own online baby monitor! Kidznest will track your childs time spent on our program in terms of viewing of videos, playing of games, subject areas of interest etc. over a given period of time and provide various Reports for Parents. Kidznest has NO ADVERTISEMENTS. While your kid is having fun exploring Kidznest, you can log in to Parents Zone on our website and see his progress a very personalised approach!KIDZNEST PACKAGES 3 crucial years of holistic child development and hence 3 different packages for age groups as below: 1. Playgroup & Nursery (2-4 year olds) 2. Kindergarten-1 (4-5 year olds) 3. Kindergarten-2 (5-6 year olds) Each package has 35 modules. Each module has 4-5 videos and 1-2 games covering all six subjects. These modules are spread over six subjects, which are 1. Aesthetics & Creativity - Nurturing Innovators 2. Literacy - Cultivating Effective Communicators 3. Motor Skills Development - Mastering Mind-Body Synchronization 4. Numeracy - Mathematical Meticulousness 5. Social & Emotional Development - Instilling Virtues & Values 6. Discovery of the World - Inspiring Curious Explorers After one module of all-round development, you will have access to the next module. This systematic progression will continue for the entire program. Once you Sign up with us at, you can login toParents Zonewhich will give you detailed reports periodically for your child.IDEA BEHIND KIDZNEST Numerous studies have proven that Interactive Learning is the key to holistic child development. The budding senses of 2-6 year old kids can blossom only by stimulant interaction. For young learners hands-on experience is the best teacher. And its impossible to bring enriching worldly experiences into the confines of ones home. Or is it? Well, not anymore! Technology & Interactive media are highly effective tools for early childhood development. Multi approach learning through Observation, Exploration, Experimentation, Inspiration, Decision-making, Problem Solving, Creativity, Music, Dance, Art and Games. Smartly designed to strengthen the inter-relationships between child, parents, home and school.Content rating: Everyone
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